Responsible Punks

Two drunk punks trying to make it in this world.


the ghost of the machine.

slipping through the massive wheels of societal behavior.

spirit of the unknown.

thriving in the fancied freedom of an underground forever.

a thousand burning witches.

souls unwilling to bend before their slaver.

all of the unfit.

joined in an ever-lasting, ever-changing, eye-opening endeavor.

ghost of the machine.

the misfits, the mistress, the anarchist, the smartest lethargic artist, whose neurotic behavior becomes the slaver’s danger.

sometimes fueling a popular anger.

always easily forgotten, a popular stranger.

drop, drop, drop,

dripping thoughts we just can’t stop.

tiny explosions that we soon forgot.

falling in rhythms,

an ocean of complex mechanisms,

intricate melodies, delicate visions,

an unnoticed orchestra led by erratic decisions.

pure, balanced poetic imperfections,

perfected by the talents of imperfect musicians.

impressions of sounds that we all have been taught.

drop, drop, drop.


Shirt Art