Responsible Punks

Two drunk punks trying to make it in this world.

Responsible Punks is an indie rock duet made of Anne from France and west coast native Blair. Both singers and multi-instrumentalists, they combine their voices in original songs inspired through their travels, hardships and every day life. The couple became a band in 2017 and released their first EP “Coin Coin Life” in February 2019.



But to get a true idea of who and what the Responsible Punks are, we found it best to ask a few friends :

“Romantic date night meets garage rock band.”

- J. Keskey

“The Responsible Punks are responsibly irresponsible. They are the drunk love that makes you laugh. The long time friends that you just met yesterday. They are the very motivation of all your stupid yet amazingly memorable (and black out) decisions. The Responsible Punks are the duo you want on your side. They will move you with their music and their smiles. Sharing spirits with them will lift you spirits, whether that be at a table, a campfire, or wherever the night takes you. Responsible Punks are responsible for every happy moment you have if you’re anywhere near them. Especially when you’re ready to be face down in the dirt drunk. Their passion for the music they create is stemmed from the love they share with each other. They are a very talented young band with big ideas and huge plans to share their music with the world.”

-S. Delahunty


email :

phone : (801) 888-8311