Responsible Punks

Two drunk punks trying to make it in this world.

Anne is from France, Blair is from America. Both musicians and travelers, we collided and decided to merge our two paths into one.


Step 1 - A new transportation.

While looking for a van to tour across America, we stumbled upon this :

The inside needed some work...

But it was the only thing available in our price range.

So we took on the task, drove to the Oregon coast, and started remodeling our little home on wheels.


Step 2 - Starting a band.

We had already written a couple of songs together without really knowing where this would go.

To be a band, we needed a name.

It was middle of summer in New York City. We were drinking beer waiting for the subway, when we suddenly realized that we were just a couple of punks.

But after making sure our empty cans were disposed of properly in the trash receptacle, it occurred to us that we were

Responsible Punks.


Step 3 - Mistaken Mechanics.

On our way to promote our first show, we stopped at a rest area off highway 101. When the vehicle wouldn't start again, we determined the fuel pump went out.

We left it there for the night and took a cab to a friend's house whom we knew had a van that could tow our camper.

The next morning we towed it about five miles mistakenly leaving it in first gear.

If you don't know what that can do to an engine, take a look :

We were left with a choice : abandoning a shell of a vehicle, or replacing the engine ourselves.

Blair knew the work, Anne did not.

When she agreed to get her hands dirty, we decided to do the engine swap.


Step 4 - Recording.

Back on the road and full of ideas, we decided to record an album in Paris, France.

And so, in a small studio, with a handful of songs, a great engineer, and a room full of keyboards, we created our first EP.



031 started the band.JPG